Can I Oil My Hair After Coloring?

The modern world is experimenting with new things for fun and glam look. One of its crazy experiments listings includes dying your hair into different hair colors. It is certainly so much fun to dye your hair into different colors such as pink, blue, blonde, and many others.

But should we do after dying your hair how to take optimal care of your dyed hair?

There are many people who got colored their hair, but they are now confused about what to do to maintain their hair color for a longer time and maintain your healthy hair. Here we are enlisting multiple points that you can take into consideration for better health of hair.


Deep conditioning of hair after dying: once you have gotten your favorite hair color, then it’s time to get your hair conditioned. Conditioner is proven for holding up the volume and essential hair oils from getting washed off similarly using conditioners after dying your hair will help you to maintain your hair color for a longer time.

Start with warm water end up with cold: this theory of washing your hair is really effective and proven for a healthy hair type. Pouring warm water in the start into your hair will open up the hair follicles and will be effective in removing the impurities from your hair.

While pouring cold water at the end will help to close your hair follicles which will be useful for your hair as it will prevent dirt and impurities entering into your hair follicles and getting to the roots. This will also help to maintain your hair after dyeing.

Moisturize your hair: whether its skin cells or its hair cells, both of them require proper moisture. So make sure you use oil hair after coloring your hair into different hair colors.

While oil hair after dyeing, you can use coconut oil, castor oil, almond hair oil, aloe Vera, and other organic extracts, which can help your hair get deep conditioning.

oil hair after dyeing


Regular head wash: regular head wash should be avoided if you have dyed your hair. Washing your hair so often will reduce the shine and glance of your hair color. So make sure your hair wash when it is needed for your hair.

Using heat appliances: you should definitely avoid heat appliances when you have dyed or colored hair. Regular use of hair heat appliances can make your hair dull and frizzy.