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Can Two Redheads Have a Non-Redheaded Child?

Being a parent, you get different thoughts related to your child’s health, but there is something more thoughtful to think about that is if your child will be a redheaded due to you being ahead red. In this article, we are discussing if redheads have a non-redheaded child or not.

There are many studies that have come up with the new discovery that is you can get a chance to know if your child might inherit the ginger gene. In this, both the parent’s DNA gets tested to know the signs of MC1R, which is the reason behind redhead.

Many people have confusion that redheads сan have a brunette child, here explaining the fact.


The hair color changed into platinum blond to ebony. It is due to different levels of pigments, which are especially caused due to melanocytes. People having a darker shade of hair is a result of the effect created by a pigment called eumelanin, and people with red hair cells have cells which produce pheomelanin.

In this way, different hair cells are responsible for your hair color. If the child of redheaded parent has active MC1R, then there is a possibility that they have a darker shade of skin as well as hair, whereas inactiveness of the element of it might cause your child to have a lighter shade of hair as well as skin.

So it is possible that a redheaded parent can have a brunette head color child due to dependency of multiple extracts.

Do ginger parents have a non-ginger child often?

As mentioned above, the receptor called MC1R, which controls the amount of production of melanin into our body. So it is responsible for your hair color, which can vary the hair color. So it is entirely based on the production of the melanin in the body.

Melanin is a combination of multiple extracts such as eumelanin and pheomelanin, which are responsible for different pigments of your skin, hair, and eyes, as well.  The higher is the production of the melanin, the darker shade you will be having of your hair, skin, and eyes. Its level is varied in every individual.

The bottom line

In this article we have discussed different aspects of hair, eye and skin pigment and also known the different component responsible for it. The main element called melanin which makes a difference in your pigmentation. So we have got a general perspective about what can be the cause of the darker or lighter pigmentation.